Deleting a source

Use caution when deleting sources. After the project is saved, the deletions cannot be restored by the use of Ctrl+Z or Edit > Undo. Any Clerical Review and Auto-link thresholds configured for the deleted source must be deleted also. Deleting sources does not delete the source data associated with those sources.

About this task

Attention: Deleting a source can have adverse affects on some operational server processes. Consider setting the source Record status to Inactive.

Deleting a source does not automatically delete its comparison scores. You need only to delete comparison scores if you use individual source-to-source threshold settings. If you have single threshold settings across sources, the comparison scores are deleted automatically.

Sources are managed in InfoSphere® MDM Workbench Configuration perspective. For this procedure, you use both the Thresholds view and the Member Types view.


To delete source comparison scores:

  1. In the View list, select Expert.
  2. In the configuration editor, select Thresholds.
  3. Choose the appropriate Entity Type from the list.
  4. If it is not already selected, set the check box to Enable individual source-to-source threshold setting.
  5. In the table that appears, select any rows that include the source you want to delete and click Delete.
  6. Save the project.

To delete the source:

  1. Select the Member Types view.
  2. In the Sources tab, highlight the unwanted source and click Remove.
  3. Save the project.