Adding a definitional source

Add a definitional source when you want access to member records maintained within that source. Adding a source is a two-step process. First, add the source information (stored in the MPI_srchead table). Then, add the comparison scores for this source and other sources interacting with InfoSphere® MDM (stored in the MPI_srcxsrc table).

About this task

You can add definitional sources in the InfoSphere MDM Workbench Configuration perspective.
Note: All added sources are, by default, automatically considered for entity management using your default thresholds for clerical review (CR) and autolinking (AL). The thresholds are based on the values defined on the Thresholds page. You only need to add the source to the Thresholds grid if you require CR or AL thresholds that are different from the defaults.


  1. In the View list, select Expert.
  2. In the configuration editor, select Member Types.
  3. Click the Sources tab.
  4. Click Add. A new source is created with default property values for Source Name and Source Code.
  5. In the Properties view, provide appropriate values for each property including Source Name and Source Code. For property descriptions, see Sources properties.
  6. Save the project.


When sources are added, they are automatically associated with all of the existing member type attributes.

Note: The source-attributes check boxes do not function. You can not disassociate attributes from sources. All attributes will always be associated with all sources.