Updating Java

Before running the InfoSphere® MDM installation, you must ensure that you have the correct version of Java™ and the Java Development Kit installed in your installation environment.

About this task

InfoSphere MDM requires Java 1.8.0.

By default, WebSphere® Application Server creates profiles with Java 1.6. It is important that you update to Java 1.8.0 before you create the WebSphere Application Server profiles that will be used for InfoSphere MDM installation.

Java is distributed with the WebSphere Application Server installation packages.


  1. Install Java 1.8.0. Be sure to select the optional SDK during installation.
  2. Navigate to the $WAS_HOME folder. You should see a new folder named java_<version>.
    Important: Ensure that the $WAS_HOME/java_<version> folder exists before proceeding.
  3. On UNIX or Linux® operating systems, update the $JAVA_HOME path in your .profiles:
  4. When running the managedprofile script to create your WebSphere Application Server profile, run the following command to set the default Java Development Kit to 1.8.0_64:
    managesdk.sh -setNewProfileDefault -sdkname 1.8.0_64
  5. Verify that the version has been correctly updated by logging into the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console (admin console) and navigating to Deployment manager > Java SDKs. Confirm that version 1.8.0_64 is present in the list of resources and that its Default column value is set to true.