Task Count By Tag Type

This Operational report shows a summary of tasks by the tags you have defined.


Keep in mind that because you can assign multiple tags to a given task, some tasks may be counted in more than one tag’s totals. For example, a company which manufactures computer parts and sells them to corporate customers around the world might have a tag for “Data Quality Issues – Japanese market” as well as tags for each of their Japanese customers. Thus a data-quality issue at Toyko-XYZ Company could be tagged as both “Tokyo-XYZ” and “Data Quality Issues – Japanese market” and appear under the count summary for each of these tags on this report.

  • Include Tags – select one or more tag(s) to report on.
  • Download results as CSV file – if you prefer to view the results in a spreadsheet or other program, check this option to save the results as a text file with comma-separated values (CSV). The report will not be displayed in the default browser format when this option is checked.

Report fields

  • Tag – identifies the tag type.
  • Entity Type – identifies the entity type.
  • # of Tasks – shows the total number of open tasks, by tag.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2018