Outstanding Task Count by Source and Task Type

This Operational report lets you view outstanding tasks by source and by task type.


This report is helpful for evaluating the “health” of your various data sources (for example, does one data source account for more potential duplicates than the others?), and for monitoring the frequency of tasks types by data source.

  • Source Names – choose one or more source to report on.
  • Task Types – choose one or more task type to report on.
  • Download results as CSV file – if you prefer to view the results in a spreadsheet or other program, check this option to save the results as a text file with comma-separated values (CSV). The report will not be displayed in the default browser format when this option is checked.

Report fields

  • Source – lists all the sources for each task type.
  • Task Type – gives a count of tasks of each type, for each source.
  • Source Total – gives the total of tasks for each task source.
  • Task Type Total – gives the total of tasks for each task each type.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2018