Generating report data

The BL_100_GenErrorReport job handles the task of reading all the Data Quality Error files generated by BIL producing a formatted XML file

This job is positioned close to end of the BIL process.

An image of the BL_000_BASIC_LOAD job sequence, highlighting the BL_100_GenErrorReport job sequence

In the above image, the square highlights the BL_100_GenErrorReport job sequence.

The BL_100_ErrorGenReport job processes the consolidated data quality error message files that are produced by the Party and Contract Data Quality Error Consolidation job sequences (BL_040_EC_Party and BL_040_EC_Contract respectively). The text data quality error messages are read in and separated into distinct processing streams based on record type and sub-type. Those records that have an unknown record type sub-type combination or whose SSK elements are in error are captured into a distinct Unknown stream. These initial processing steps result in three distinct processing streams; Party, Contract and Unknown as shown in the following figure.

Each of these processing streams is handled in the same manner. Each processing stream identifies the job type that is related to each error message. The identified job types are Import, Validation, Relational Integrity and Error Consolidation. Each processing stream produces two separate processing stream; Detail and Summary. In the Summary processing stream the unique SSKs are counted by the different job types. The Detail processing stream sorts and prepares the data to be output into an XML format.

All the Detail processing streams (Party, Contract and Unknown) are joined together into one processing stream. Likewise the Summary processing streams are joined together into one processing stream. Both processing streams are then adjusted so that they can be funneled together before the combined data is output in an XML format (see the following figure).

An image of the BL_100_GenErrorReport job sequence (left side)
An image of the BL_100_GenErrorReport job sequence (right side)