Event Detail Report

This InfoSphere® MDM Inspector report displays information about tasks that were created by an event and resolved either manually or via an event. The task records displayed are only those that have been reviewed and resolved; the report does not reflect autolinkages.


  • Entity Type – select the type of entity for this report. Entity types are customizable for each installation.
  • From – select the beginning of the date range during which the event was created.
  • To – select the end of the date range during which the event was created.
  • Event Types – select the type of event for records that are received in messages (HL7, XML, and so on). For example, A01 might represent Patient Admit, and A30 might represent Merge Patient. Event types are customizable and specific to the industry in which the software is being used. The default is all defined event types.
  • Source Names – select the sources of the member records for which you want to review events. The default is all source names.
  • Include events that are initiated by user – type the log-in names (comma-separated) of events you want to see which were initiated by specific users.
  • Maximum number of events to display – select a value for the maximum number of events to display.
  • Download results as CSV file – if you prefer to view the results in a spreadsheet or other program, check this option to save the results as a text file with comma-separated values (CSV). The report is not displayed in the default browser format when this option is checked.

Report fields

  • Event Initiator – represents the user who initiated the event.
  • Event Type – describes the type of event that took place.
  • Task Type – describes the type of task that took place.
  • Score – describes the score or ranking of the event.
  • Record ID – describes the source/member information that is related to the event.
  • Surviving Record ID – describes the surviving source/member information that is related to the event.
  • Member Name – describes the legal name of the member.
  • Sex – describes the member's gender.
  • Date of Birth – describes the member's date of birth.
  • Phone – describes the member's telephone number.
  • Resolution Date – describes when the event was resolved.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2018