Understanding Party validation

The BL_020__VS_RI_EC_PARTY job sequence orchestrates the execution of the Party validation jobs.

In order to save processing time, the sequencer first checks the parsed datasets prepared by the SIF Import stage to see if records specific to each RT/ST being processed exist before executing the validation logic for that RT/ST. If there are no records to be validated for a specific RT/ST, the validation job will be bypassed for that RT/ST and an empty dataset with correct metadata and name (to be consumed by downstream jobs) will be created instead.

An image depicting a portion of the BL_020__VS_RI_EC_PARTY job sequence
Note: For some of the Party sub-types (such as Alert, LobRel, MiscValue, OrgName, PersonName and PrivPref), if the input dataset is empty, the output dataset is produced by simply renaming the input dataset with appropriate prefix (from Parse_* to Valid_* as required by the Error Consolidation jobs). However, for the rest of the Party sub-types (namely Address, ContactMethod, Contact, ContactRel and Identifier), in case if the input dataset is empty, only renaming the input dataset is not enough. More work is required to ensure that specific interrelated metadata is properly provided to assist in the assignment of keys and loading of data into InfoSphere® MDM. These tasks are handled through the use of the Party preparation jobs.

Party Validation jobs

The BIL Party Validation jobs check all the code types against the code tables in the InfoSphere MDM database and applying business rules when necessary. The validation jobs capture, format and output Data Quality Errors it encounters into a related Data Quality Error Message text file.

Party Validation jobs consists of a VSVAL* shared containers containing RT/ST specific validation logic and an Edit/Extension Point shared container. The Edit/Extension Point shared containers are an advanced feature to allow for customization by the client /customer.

Note: The new BIL Import SIF process creates a RI_Contact_SUBSET dataset that will overwritten by the BL_020_VS_Contact job when validation is required.

The following table summarizes the BIL Party Validation jobs. It presents each BIL job with their corresponding RT/ST and the validation shared container it references.

RT/ST BIL Party Validation Job Validation Shared Container
P/A BL_020_VS_Address VSVALBILAddress
P/T BL_020_VS_Alert_Party VSVALAlert


BL_020_VS_Contact VSVALContact
P/C BL_020_VS_ContactMethod VSVALBILContactMethod
P/R BL_020_VS_ContactRel VSVALContactRel
P/I BL_020_VS_Identifier VSVALIdentifier
P/M BL_020_VS_MiscValue_Party VSVALMiscValue
P/G BL_020_VS_Orgname VSVALBILOrgName
P/H BL_020_VS_PersonName VSVALBILPersonName
P/S BL_020_VS_PrivPref VSVALPrivPref