Attribute field properties

When adding or editing an attribute, there are a number of properties you must define in the Properties view.

Attention: When you add a new field, it adds a new column to a database table. To add a new column to an existing table, InfoSphere® MDM drops the existing table, then creates a new table (based on the existing one) that includes the new column. As a result, if you add a new column to a table that is currently populated with data, any data stored in the table is cleared.

Use the attribute field properties table as a reference when adding or editing an attribute field.

Table 1. Attribute field properties
Property Description
Field data type Type of data stored in this attribute field.
Field label A label for the field.
Field length Maximum length of the data in the field. This property does not apply to numeric or date type fields.
Field sequence number The sequence of this field within the attribute.
Name Name of the attribute field. This value must be all lowercase.
Required Indicates whether the field is required. This field is available for member attribute types only.
Virtual Indicates whether this is a virtual attribute. Attributes defined as virtual are not stored in the database, but do participate in data derivation. By setting this to “Yes,” this attribute is not available for display and use in task and member search functionality. As well, a history of the attribute is not maintained in the database.