Managing party preferences through MDM Services

Transactions available with physical MDM allow you to add and update customer preferences using MDM services such as addPerson or updateParty.

About this task

You can use the addPerson, addOrganization, and addParty services to add addresses, contact methods, and so on. Similarly, you can use the updatePerson, updateOrganization, and updateParty transactions to update addresses, contact methods, and so on. Customer preferences and privacy configurations for a party also have fine-grained services that you can use to add or update the information, including addPartyPrivacyPreference, updatePartyPrivacyPreference, getPartyPrivacyPreference, and getAllPartyPrivacyPreferences.

You can also add or update privacy preferences related to contract role locations, but you can only do so using finer-grained transactions. A contract role location allows you to define for a party which address or contact method the person prefers in association with a particular contract. For example, a person shown as a beneficiary on a policy might choose to be contacted at home with particular news.