Creating Kubernetes resources for the MDM user interfaces

The file mdmui.yml creates the Kubernetes resources ConfigMap, Deployment, and Service for the InfoSphere® MDM user interface deployments, including the Business Administration UI, Inspector, Enterprise Viewer, and Web Reports.

Before you begin

See the topic YAML files and scripts for deploying InfoSphere MDM on OpenShift or Kubernetes to download an archive containing mdmui_deployed.yml. Save mdmui_deployed.yml to your Docker working directory (/mdm).

About this task

Before creating these Kubernetes resources, you must update mdmui_deployed.yml to provide a number of details corresponding to your deployment needs.


  1. Edit the mdmui_deployed.yml file.
  2. Under the Deployment resource type:
    1. For template.spec.image, provide your deployed MDM user interface Docker image name.
    2. For spec.replicas, set the number of replicas to 1.
      Note: If session affinity is supported by the underlying Kubernetes platform, you can use multiple replicas.
  3. If this deployment uses custom namespaces, change the value of metadata.namespace for each resource defined in mdmui_deployed.yml.
  4. Save your changes to mdmui_deployed.yml.
  5. Create the ConfigMap, Deployment, and Service resources for the MDM user interfaces by running the following command.
    kubectl create -f mdmui_deployed.yml