Fix Pack

Installing InfoSphere Global Name Management artifacts

You can optionally use InfoSphere® Global Name Management version in the name comparison functions in Big Match. To be able to use the GNM functions, you must install the GNM artifacts in a Big Match cluster.

Before you begin

You must install Global Name Management 5.0, GNM Fix Pack and iFix gnm_5.0.0.1.laifix001 deployed on Linux® before using this task..

You must also have Big Match installed.


  1. After installing Big Match, go to BIGMATCH_HOME/bin/ in your Big Match cluster and copy the script to the location where Global Name Management 5.0 is installed.
  2. Run the script.
    This step generates the gnm_bigmatch_package.tar.gz file in the Global Name Management installation root directory.
  3. Copy the gnm_bigmatch_package.tar.gz file to every node in the Big Match cluster.
  4. Run the script on every node in the cluster as sudo.
    $BIGMATCH_HOME/bin/ </absolute/path/to/>
  5. Restart the cluster using CM to ensure that the Global Name Management libraries are used by Hadoop.