Big Match configuration properties

There are several configurations across several services which Big Match depends on.

The following table lists properties, the default settings for them, and their purpose that Big Match depends on.
Table 1. hbase-site.xml
Property Name Default Value Purpose
hbase.coprocessor.master.classes Master Observer for Big Match Hbase processes.
hbase.coprocessor.regionserver.classes Specifies the Big Match specific classes with this implementation.
hbase.region.server.rpc.scheduler.factory.class Specifies the Big Match specific classes with this implementation.
hbase.regionserver.impl Specifies the Big Match specific classes with this implementation.
giraph.zkList A comma delimited list of all nodes running oozie server Used by Big Match Hbase coprocessors.
pme.queue.log.dir /hadoop/bigmatch This path is used by the big data match queue service for logging output. It defaults to /hadoop/pme and must exist prior to the queue service being started. If this path doesn't exist on the nodes when the queue service starts, an exception is logged in the log file for the HBase region server. The exception indicates that the path is not valid.
pme.slave.avg.num.cores min(((yarn_scheduler_max_cores * num_datanodes) - 2),floor(((yarn.nodemanager.resource.memory-mb/yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-mb)* num_datanodes) - 2) This value is used to set NUMREGIONS when creating HBASE tables. 2000 This parameter will be used if the linking application is put into automatic mode. The default heap size for each link worker is 1000 MB. It is recommend to set this heap size to 2000 MB or more. The basic calculation is 2000 additional MB for each additional 1 million records.
Table 2. oozie-site.xml
Property Name Default Value Purpose
oozie.credentials.credentialclasses The code to obtain delegation tokens is pluggable so that it is easy to add support for different services by simply subclassing org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.Credentials to retrieve a delegation token from the service and add it to the Configuration.