Verifying Standard and Advanced Edition pattern deployment

To verify that an InfoSphere® MDM Standard and Advanced Edition pattern deployed successfully, you can run the provided installation verification Test Client.

Before you begin

Before verifying that the Standard and Advanced Edition pattern deployed successfully:

About this task

The Test Client runs a verification routine known as Installation Verification Tests (IVT) to test the InfoSphere MDM installation by running four transactions:
  • Three physical MDM transactions to add a person, an organization, and a contract
  • One virtual transaction
If the test transactions are successful, then the installation completes successfully.

The Installation Verification Tests run on the Deployment manager node at the location /opt/IBM/MDM/server/IVT.

Tip: Use Log Viewer to view the logs directly on the DMGR node directly to check the contents of the response files.


  1. In the PureApplication System console, select Patterns > Virtual System Patterns, then search for and select the target InfoSphere MDM instance.
  2. On the Instance details page, expand the DMGR node.
  3. Scroll down, then click the WebSphere console link to open the Integrated Solutions Console (admin console). Log in to the console.
    Tip: The console links contain host names instead of IP addresses. If the local DNS does not recognize the link, replace the host name in the browser address bar with the IP address of the DMGR virtual machine.
  4. Select Applications > Application types > Business-level applications. Confirm that all InfoSphere MDM applications are installed and their statuses are all running.
  5. Verify console access using the following URLs:
    • Inspector UI: https:/<CustomNodeIP>:9443/inspector/application/inspector.ihtml
    • Web Reports UI: https://<CustomNodeIP>:9443/webreports/common/login.html
    • Enterprise Viewer UI: https://<CustomNodeIP>:9443/accessweb/servlet/dousrlogin
    • Business Administration UI: https://<CustomNodeIP>:9443/CustomerBusinessAdminWeb/faces/login.jsp
    • MDM AE/SE UI: https://<CustomNodeIP>:9443/mdm-aese/
  6. On the detail page of the DMGR node, click Logger Viewer to open the log viewer page of this virtual machine.
  7. Expand MDM_Logs > ... > xml/Response and check the contents of the following response files:
    • ResponseTCRMaddPerson.xml
    • RespnseTCRMaddOrganization.xml
    • ResponseTCRMaddContract.xml
  8. Open the response files to view the responses from the test transactions.
    The contents of these files should indicate success (<ResultCode>SUCCESS</ResultCode>), except for ResponseTCRMaddContract.xml, which should indicate that GivenNameOne is required.