Understanding the SIF sequencer

SIF format for HVL allows records of different type/subtype to appear in the same input load file. HVL can process these records because referential integrity on the database is turned OFF during HVL load.

Maintenance transactions invoke InfoSphere® MDM core transactions that check data integrity. Therefore, it is not possible to load the child record before the parent record using maintenance transactions.

The SIF format compatible with maintenance transactions has the following requirements that are different from the SIF format for HVL:

  • Input files for the SIF format compatible with maintenance transactions must contain records of one type/subtype only. This allows you to run load in the order of parent-child dependency.
  • The input Person record must be combined with PersonName and the input Organization record must be combined with OrganizationName. This is done to pass validation during an addParty transaction. Combined records should be separated by pipe, which is the same separator used within SIF input record.

BIL provides an InfoSphere DataStage® sequencer job to convert the input file in HVL SIF format into multiple files containing records in SIF format for maintenance transactions.

  • one for Party records
  • one for Contract records
  • one for Party Relationship records
Note: To avoid issues with the order, split the contract.sif file into two files: one containing the Contract value records (C|M) and another containing the remaining Contract records. You can use UNIX commands to split the original contract.sif file.

SIF converter DS jobs can be invoked in a similar way to initial load HVL jobs, only using IL_000_AutoStart_EX.

IL_000_AutoStart_EX runs
IL_500_EX_Export_Contact_Name runs
  1. IL_010_IS_Import_SIF input job paramter FS_SIF_FILE_PATTERN or configelement /IBM/ELMDM/IIS/Install/SIFInputFiles/path creates #MDMIS.FS_DATA_SET_HEADER_DIR#Parse_OrgName.#MDMIS.BATCH_ID#.ds #MDMIS.FS_DATA_SET_HEADER_DIR#Parse_Contact.#MDMIS.BATCH_ID#.ds #MDMIS.FS_DATA_SET_HEADER_DIR#Parse_PersonName.#MDMIS.BATCH_ID#.ds

  2. IL_500_EX_Contact_Name input #MDMIS.FS_DATA_SET_HEADER_DIR#Parse_OrgName.#MDMIS.BATCH_ID#.ds #MDMIS.FS_DATA_SET_HEADER_DIR#Parse_Contact.#MDMIS.BATCH_ID#.ds #MDMIS.FS_DATA_SET_HEADER_DIR#Parse_PersonName.#MDMIS.BATCH_ID#.ds creates two files where parameter FS_TMP_DIR points. This is not in config element, but MDMIS par set. EX_Contact_Name_Org.#BATCH_ID#.sif EX_Contact_Name_Person.#BATCH_ID#.sif