Weight generation properties

The Generate Weights utility is built upon the madconfig utility Ant framework that is used to configure other InfoSphere® MDM components.

The weight generation utility can be run through InfoSphere MDM Workbench or from the madconfig utility.

As with all madconfig utility targets, unattended operation can be scripted out by using the -recordfile and -propertyfile options. The following tables provide a summary of the important madconfig utility properties that are used by the generate_weights target. The first table describes properties with utility prompts and the second table describes properties without prompts. All of the properties can be overridden in a properties file that is passed in with the -propertyfile madconfig command-line option.

Table 1. Weight generation properties with prompts
Property Default value
mad.db.dsn N/A
mad.db.type N/A
mad.db.user N/A
mad.db.password N/A
mad.wgtgen.basedir ${mad.root.dir}/zwgts
mad.wgtgen.entity.type N/A
mad.wgtgen.step N/A
mad.wgtgen.continue N/A
mad.wgtgen.dvddata.option N/A
mad.wgtgen.member.unl.dir N/A
mad.wgtgen..config.file N/A
mad.wgtgen..input.file N/A
Table 2. Weight generation properties without prompts
Property Default value
mad.wgtgen.log.file ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/wgtgen.log
mad.wgtgen.bxm.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/bxm
mad.wgtgen.unl.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/unl
mad.wgtgen.frq.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/frq
mad.wgtgen.upairs.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/upairs
mad.wgtgen.usamps.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/usamps
mad.wgtgen.mpairs.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/mpairs
mad.wgtgen.msamps.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/usamps
mad.wgtgen.run.dir ${mad.wgtgen.basedir}/run
mad.wgtgen.cmpmode 3
mad.wgtgen.threads 1
mad.wgtgen.max.iterations 5
mad.wgtgen.num.parts.1 20
mad.wgtgen.num.parts.2 5
mad.wgtgen.num.parts.3 5
mad.wgtgen.num.parts.frq 10
mad.wgtgen.num.parts.max 10
mad.wgtgen.audrecno 99
mad.wgtgen.upair.count 3000000
mad.wgtgen.report.records 10000
mad.wgtgen.max.bucket.size 1000
mad.wgtgen.min.weight 4.0
mad.wgtgen.blk.size 100000
mad.wgtgen.unl.segments. memhead, membktd, memcmpd, memname, memaddr, memphone, memattr, memident
mad.wgtgen.unl.segments.input mpi_memhead, mpi_memaddr, mpi_memattr, mpi_memdate, mpi_memident, mpi_memname, mpi_memphone
mad.wgtgen.unl.segments.output mpi_membktd, mpi_memcmpd