Adding or deleting an attribute from your algorithm

Use this procedure to add or delete an attribute from an algorithm.

Before you begin

Algorithms are managed in InfoSphere® MDM Workbench Configuration perspective.


  1. Select Expert from the View list.
  2. In the View list, select Algorithms.
  3. In the Palette, click Attributes to expand the list of attributes available to the algorithm. Attributes define the properties or fields for a data element, and are filtered by the algorithm member type.
  4. Select an attribute from the list.
  5. Click inside the Attributes column in the algorithm editor to drop the selected attribute. To clear an attribute, click the white space in the editor. A specific attribute can be added only once in an algorithm instance. The editor prevents you from adding an attribute that already exists in the algorithm. There might be instances where you require an attribute in a comparison that is already part of a bucketing group, or is included in a query. To solve this scenario, you can connect an attribute to more than one standardization function.
  6. To delete an attribute, right-click its icon in the editor and choose Delete.