Evaluating the sample pairs by using a spreadsheet application

Use this procedure if you opt to use a spreadsheet application rather than InfoSphere® MDM Pair Manager to evaluate the sample pairs created by running the Generate Threshold Analysis Pairs job.

Before you begin

You must run the Generate Threshold Analysis Pairs job and save your sample pair data before using this procedure.


  1. Open the samplePairs.xls file. Sample pairs are banded with the same background color.
  2. For each pair in the list, use the pull-down list in the Same? column to indicate whether the two records represent the same member (Yes) or different members (No). If you are unsure, select Maybe.
  3. When you are finished evaluating all the pairs in the sample file, save and close the file.

What to do next

The next step in the weight generation process is to evaluate and adjust the Clerical Review Threshold and Autolink Threshold for each source combination and entity type. Instructions are found in the section titled Setting clerical review and autolink thresholds.