Configuring attribute types for Inspector

Use the Attribute Display view in the InfoSphere® MDM Workbench Inspector Configuration editor to customize the display of attribute types on your InfoSphere MDM Inspector pages.

About this task

Use the Member Type drop-down list to select the member type for which you want to configure attribute types. All the attribute types configured for that member type appear in the Attributes grid.

The Attribute Type Default Pattern controls the display order for the attributes configured for the attribute type. You can insert a field into the pattern or insert an optional tag.


  1. To add an attribute type:
    1. In the Attribute Types grid, click the + button.
    2. In the Select a segment dialog, select the attribute type (segment) and click OK.

      Use the X button to remove an attribute type.

  2. To insert a field into an attribute type default pattern:
    1. Select the attribute type in the Attribute Types grid.
    2. In the Attribute Type Default Pattern box, place your cursor in the location where you want the new field (fields must be separated by commas).
    3. Click Insert Field and then select the field you want to add from the Available Fields dialog. Click OK.

      For MEMDATE and MEMATTR segments, leave the patterns blank so that the format defaults to the specified patterns on the General Preferences page.

  3. To add an optional tag, place the cursor in the Attribute Type Default Pattern box where you want the tag to appear. Click Insert Optional Tag.
  4. Save your changes.