Moving from Initiate internal LDAP to WebSphere for Windows systems

For Windows systems, a madconfig target can move the content of the LDAP repository within your Initiate® installation into a WebSphere® Application Server user repository.

About this task

Note: An error requires extra configuration steps for non-Windows systems. If you are running a non-Windows system, follow the link at the end of this topic.


  1. At a command-line prompt, navigate to the scripts directory of the new IBM® InfoSphere® MDM installation: MAD_INSTALL_HOME/scripts.
  2. Run the command: madconfig.bat migrate_users_and_groups
  3. Complete the prompts that follow with the appropriate information:
    1. Enter the instance's LDAP directory - The location of the Initiate internal LDAP directory.
    2. Enter WAS home - The location of the WebSphere Application Server instance.
    3. Enter WAS host - The host name or IP address of the WebSphere Application Server.
    4. Enter WAS port - The SOAP port address for the WebSphere Application Server.
    5. Enter WAS user - The WebSphere Application Server administrative user name.
    6. Enter WAS password - The WebSphere Application Server administrative user password.
    7. Enter trust file path and name - Fully qualified path to the WebSphere Application Server client truststore.
    8. Enter trust file password - The password for the WebSphere Application Server client truststore.
    9. Enter default password for user creation (none to use the username) - Default password for user creation.
    The progress of the user and group migration is output to the console as the migration proceeds.