Using InfoSphere MDM in a Smarter Planet solution

A Smarter Planet® solution is one that is instrumented, intelligent, and interconnected. InfoSphere® MDM offers the flexibility and power to interconnect with systems using its service oriented architecture to provide business intelligence, trusted information, and powerful analytics.

Today, data is being produced by and collected from multiple sources at an ever-increasing rate. One of the chief challenges faced by businesses is the management of data. InfoSphere MDM can be part of a smarter solution by providing an approach for transforming information into a trusted strategic asset that can be rapidly leveraged across applications, processes, and decisions for sustained competitive advantage. Using InfoSphere MDM as part of an information agenda, which operates on a number of core principles:
  • Trusted information is needed to make the decisions that deliver business strategy.
  • Business functions should be responsible for defining the information needed to support their processes.
  • Information should be efficiently provided as a shared service to all parts of the business by experts working in information-critical functions.
  • There should be one version of the truth for critical business information.

Using InfoSphere MDM, you can ensure the maintenance of a single truth for customer data across multiple domains. What’s more, InfoSphere MDM allows you to consolidate master data, such as customer, supplier, partner, product, materials, and employee data, which provides an integrated, appropriate view of relevant, trusted information within any given business process.

For example, in the banking industry, InfoSphere MDM’s physical MDM features can be used by the organization to manage its master data: information about core banking and customer data systems and the information they contain. Creating and maintaining a single, trusted source of information allows for better analytics, understanding how information is interconnected, and increasingly flexible control over how that data is managed. Increased understanding of customers and which products and services they consume allows for the flexible creation of new products, services, and agreements to offer to those customers. Increased understanding also allows for the flexible control over the management of those products, services, and agreements to accommodate changes in the market and the customer base. Using InfoSphere MDM as part of a smarter solution, banks can leverage this intelligence to develop new products, address new segments, and win in new markets.

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