InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub overview

IBM® InfoSphere® MDM Reference Data Management Hub solution provides a single point of management and governance for enterprise reference data.

InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub provides centralized management, stewardship, and distribution of enterprise reference data. It supports defining and managing reference data as an enterprise standard. It also supports maintaining mappings between the different application-specific representations of reference data that are used within the enterprise. InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub supports formal governance of reference data:
  • Putting management of the reference data in the hands of the business users
  • Reducing the burden on IT
  • Improving the overall quality of data that is used across the organization

Key functions of InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub are as follows:

  • Role-based user interface with security and access control
  • Management of reference data sets and values
  • Management of mappings between reference data sets
  • Import and export of reference data by using CSV and XML formats
  • Versioning support for reference data sets and maps
  • Change process that is controlled through configurable lifecycle management
  • Hierarchy management over sets of reference data

InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub also integrates with and complements IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary and the broader portfolio of IBM Information Management products.

Definition of reference data

Reference data is any data that is used to categorize other data within the enterprise. Reference data is commonly stored in the form of code tables or lookup tables, such as country codes, state codes, and gender codes. Reference data is used within every enterprise application, from backend systems through front-end commerce applications to the data warehouse. Business users recognize reference data as code choices within the pick-lists of their business application user interfaces.