Key MDM operational server processes

The MDM operational server receives data in real time or from batch files from individual records, internal data sources, or even external sources. Data comes into the operational server as it exists in the source systems. After the operational server is configured to receive your data, that data begins to move from your source systems to the operational server. During the transfer of data, a number of actions occur to facilitate the comparison and linking process.

These actions are part of three core processes:

  1. Core data creation
  2. Derivation process
  3. Matching process

The following illustration shows the internal actions that are taken by the software to create and store data in the MDM database.

The operational server stores core member data.
Comparison data is standardized and derived. Derived data is compared. Comparison results are stored
in the MDM database. Inbound broker MDM operational server Core data creation and storage Standardized data Data derivation process Bucket data Comparison data Matching process