Introduction to planning and using physical MDM features

This information set will help you to understand the physical MDM features of InfoSphere® MDM so that you can decide which features you are going to use and then create a plan to configure and implement those features.

The information for each feature includes:
  • A description of the feature.
  • An example of how the feature can be used.
For some features, the following information is also provided:
  • Information on the behavior of the feature when it is configured on, when it is configured off, and when the configuration of the feature is changed in a production environment.
  • Whether the feature must be configured during installation.
  • Links to more information about how to modify the feature.

Some InfoSphere MDM features must be configured on (enabled) when InfoSphere MDM is being installed in order to be available at a later point, while other features can be configured on when you are ready to use them.

Other features cannot be configured on or off, but are always available in the installed InfoSphere MDM product.