Configuring the MDM statistics collection feature

The MDM statistics collection feature is configured by the Configure_MasterDataManagement madconfig target during the configuration phase of InfoSphere® MDM installation.

Before you begin

To learn about the MDM statistics collection feature, see Collecting entity and transaction statistics.

Before configuring and enabling statistics collection, review the associated known issues and limitations for the feature.

About this task

The Configure_MasterDataManagement script provides you with an option to configure the MDM statistics collection feature. If you have not yet configured your InfoSphere MDM deployment, you can configure MDM statistics collection as part of running Configure_MasterDataManagement. However, if you already configured your deployment, run the madconfig target configure_mdm_statistics instead.

Restriction: The MDM statistics collection feature is not supported on z/OS® operating systems. This is due to the fact that statistics collection relies on the Apache Kafka Streams application, which does not support z/OS. If you install InfoSphere MDM on z/OS, you must either:
  • Copy the <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/KafkaProcessor folder to another machine that can connect to your Kafka Server.


  • Copy the <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/KafkaProcessor folder directly to the Kafka Server machine.


  1. During the initial part of the configuration, the configuration script provides you with the option to select to configure the statistics collection feature or not. Enter yes to include statistics collection as part of the configuration.
  2. The statistics collection feature supports two environment configurations: distributed or standalone. When prompted, select the configuration type that suits your deployment.
    For more information about distributed and standalone configurations, see Configuring statistics connectors.
  3. Provide values for the following properties when prompted by the configuration script:
    • Apache zookeeper host
    • Apache zookeeper port
    • If a distributed deployment was selected, a comma-separated list of the Apache Kafka cluster member host and port values. For example:,,
    • If a standalone deployment was selected, provide the Apache Kafka host and port values
    The configuration uses this information to create the statistics resource environment provider and to run the associated statistics configuration scripts.
    For reference, here is a list of all the configuration scripts associated with statistics collection:
    • For Microsoft Windows operating systems:
      • statistics-streams.bat
      • statistics-topics.bat
      • statistics-connect-standalone.bat
    • For UNIX and Linux® operating systems:
    Here is a list of all the configuration properties files associated with statistics collection
    Note: For information about these scripts and files, see Collecting entity and transaction statistics.
  4. After installation, verify the creation of the statistics resource environment provider:
    1. In a browser window, log in to the WebSphere® Application Server Integrated Solutions Console (admin console).
    2. Navigate to Resource environment providers > MDMStatisticsKafkaResourcesProvider > Resource environment entries > MDMStatisticsKafkaResourceReference > CustomProperties
    3. In the bootstrap.severs field, ensure that the value matches the Kafka host and port information that you provided during configuration.