MDM Connector stage in Member read interaction mode

When set to the Member read interaction, the MDM Connector stage retrieves individual members and their attributes by using a known member value such as an Entity ID (EID), or Source Code (srccode) and Member ID number (memidnum). Data is retrieved in the same manner as the MDM MemGet API interaction.

The MDM Connector stage with the Member read interaction requires input from a data extract file (from a single source or from multiple sources) or through direct connection to an existing virtual MDM database. To connect to a database, you use either a DB2 Connector stage or an ODBC connector stage.

The MDM Connector stage has a configuration editor that you can use to apply filtering to get the exact member data and attributes that you want.

The MDM Connector supports a single input link and either a single or multiple output links as necessary. In the following illustration, name data is output to one file, while address and phone data is output to a second file. When you apply attribute filters in the configuration editor, you specify the link where you want that specific data to be output.

Image shows MemGet DataStage job with two output stages.

For more information about creating jobs and configuring the MDM Connector stage, see the following related information link.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2018