Specifying the original user ID for MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor

You can use the original user ID and password that were recorded in the original virtual MDM interaction itself.

About this task

If you do not specify a user ID and password in the Batch.properties configuration file, the MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor processor extracts the original user ID and password from the binary recorded message and creates a Context (a connection to the operational server) using those credentials. Consequently, the Context user ID and password match the Interaction user ID and password.

When you run runbatch.sh, one of the parameters is the <Input URL>:
runbatch.sh <Input URL> <Output URL> [<batch_ext> <batchLoadPropertyFile> <instance>]
When the processor is set to MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor within the Batch.properties configuration file and if no user credentials are provided, then the mechanism parses the contents of the <Input URL> to extract the user ID and password of the original user.