Optional: Creating a custom mapping interface for MappedVirtualInteractionConsumer

You can create your own mapping interface to establish how to map objects from your current MDM installation to your upgraded installation.

About this task

The mapper for the MappedVirtualInteractionConsumer processor is:
public interface MapIxn {
	public void mapIxn(IxnSvcWrapper ixnSvc, Object oldIxnSvc) throws Exception;
The class name of the default mapper is
and the signature of the class is
public class MappedVirtualInteractionConsumer extends Consumer {

The processor requires a mapper. You must either specify the default mapper or a custom mapper.

If you create a custom implementation of the mapping interface, it must implement the MapIxn interface. Enable your implementation by creating the virtualinteraction.interactionMapper parameter within the $home/properties/Batch.properties configuration file, for example: