Making master data available in an operational cache (IBM Master Data Connect)

Power your business applications with trusted master data.

IBM® Master Data Connect helps you to capitalize on the benefits that master data management brings to business applications. It uses a RESTful API to provide geographically distributed users with fast, scalable, and concurrent access to your organization's most trusted master data from IBM InfoSphere® Master Data Management (InfoSphere MDM).

Figure 1. Master Data Connect and MDM Publisher architecture example
Architecture drawing of a Master Data Connect and MDM Publisher example system
InfoSphere MDM supports publishing to Master Data Connect in two ways:
  • Using the efficient InfoSphere MDM API for high performance throughput and scale.
  • Using the IBM MDM Publisher capability.
With MDM Publisher, you can complete one-time bulk loads of master data into Master Data Connect or set up ongoing data synchronization. When you configure Master Data Connect data subscriptions in the user interface, MDM Publisher creates, runs, and manages the resulting data load jobs. MDM Publisher enables you set up subscriptions with different data scopes for different Master Data Connect instances. This strategy gives you the flexibility to refine your master data catalog to target different applications.
Once your organization's master data is loaded, use the powerful Master Data Connect API to empower your business applications with direct access to trusted data. Using the API, users or applications can:
  • View master data records.
  • Run full text or property query searches on your master data.
  • Run graph database queries on your master data.
  • View relationships between master data records.
  • View the logical model of your data.

For information about the MDM Publisher and Master Data Connect implementations, see the following sections.