The InfoSphere® MDM Workbench user interface contains an editor and a set of work areas called views.

Together, they form a perspective. The perspectives provide an optimized, task-based orientation of the most-used functions related to configuring an operational server.

A shortcut bar appears in the Workbench window and provides quick access to all perspectives currently in use. It also contains any fast views you create as shortcuts to the views you use most often. The Configuration and Analytics perspectives are the perspectives most used in managing virtual MDM projects.

To change the docking, right-click the perspective toolbar and select the docking location you want. The toolbar is docked at the upper left position by default.

The perspectives that enable you to work with the operational server and associated data are:
  • Analytics: This perspective displays four Analytics views by default, which enable you to view multiple analytics queries side-by-side. You can find more information about using the views in this perspective in Analytics.
  • MDM Configuration: The main editor window enables you to manage the dictionary data for the operational server or to design and edit algorithms. You can find more information about using the views in this perspective in Configuration editor and Algorithms.
  • Inspector Configuration: The Inspector Configuration perspective is used to edit the inspector.arm file, which stores the InfoSphere MDM Inspector application configuration. When changes to this configuration file are deployed to the server, any browser used to open the InfoSphere MDM Inspector application automatically receives the InfoSphere MDM Inspector configuration when the user logs in. Details on using the views in the Inspector Configuration perspective are in InfoSphere MDM Inspector Configuration.