Prerequisites for deploying InfoSphere MDM on Kubernetes

This topic lists the prerequisites for deploying InfoSphere® MDM Advanced Edition and Standard Edition containers on a Kubernetes cluster.

In addition to the hardware and software outlined in System requirements for accelerated deployment, you must also have the following Kubernetes platform configuration installed before you can deploy InfoSphere MDM containers:
  • Kubernetes version 1.12
  • a Kubernetes cluster with one or more master nodes and one or more worker nodes

Middleware and back end systems requirements

When deploying InfoSphere MDM on Kubernetes to achieve high availability, you must use the following middleware and backend systems to support it.
  • A centralized identity and access management system for the WebSphere® Application Server User Registry, such as LDAP server
  • A centralized messaging server, such as IBM® Message Queue (MQ)
  • A Kafka cluster including multiple Zookeeper or Kafka instances to support high availability
  • A high availability database for the InfoSphere MDM operational server, such as Oracle RAC or Db2® PureScale