MDE_Person_1 job

A master data extract is designed to output a set of changes that occurred between the last time the extract ran and the current run. The MDE_Person_1 job stores the current time and ending audrecno to be used as the ending point for the range of records that are extracted in this current run.

The following illustration shows the MDE_Person_1 job in the Designer client.

Illustration shows the MDE_Person_1 job.

Each process of this job uses a Row_Generator stage and a DB2 Connector stage.

Database connector stages expect input from a data stream to trigger data insertion. However, for overall effectiveness of a master data extract, MDM_Person_1 requires static SQL select statements to trigger the insertion. Each Dummy_Row_Generator stage creates a mock record that triggers the SQL in the associated connector stage.

The Store_Max_AudRecno and Store_Max_RecmtimId stages enable connection to the MDM database. The Store_Max_AudRecno sets a maximum value for the audrecno field and Store_Max_RecmtimId sets a maximum value for the recmtime field.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2018