Deploy Configuration Project

This utility deploys the configuration project to the operational server. This job can be used to perform the deployment in conjunction with another job.

When this job is executed, the operational server is automatically suspended and resumed, and the Algorithm, Inspector configuration, string data and flexible search configuration files are always deployed. When run from the menu, the option to Check group synchronization is considered selected.

Attention: When running the madconfig utility madconfig run_jobset option on a job set that includes this job, the entire MDM Workbench project must be accessible from the operational server.
Table 1. Deploy Configuration options
Workbench Command line Description
Configuration Elements
Deploy weight tables   Deploys the weight tables in the selected MDM Workbench project directory to the operational server. When unchecked (default), no weight tables are deployed.
Weights folder   Specifies where the weights are located under the selected MDM Workbench project.
Generate DDL instead of creating/dropping tables   Performs database table operations as required to support the configuration.
Check group synchronization   Checks that the groups listed in the Groups pull-down list on the Groups tab are up to date with the groups defined in the operational server. If this option is checked and the groups do not match, the deployment is stopped.