Installing and configuring prerequisites

Before you install InfoSphere® MDM, make sure that you complete the planning steps and meet the prerequisites.

About this task

  • Review the readme file for system requirements and potential issues that might affect your installation.
  • Read the release notes for information about supported product features or enhancements to the release.
  • Review the installation scenarios section, and determine the installation topology that you are going to use.
  • Review and complete the installation worksheets.
  • Set up your installation media.
  • Use a different database user for each deployment of the offering.
  • Note the following items if you plan on using an IBM® DB2® database:
    • For installation purposes, set up one or more restricted users on a system for database schema users. Because DB2 uses the operating system to authenticate a new user, use a user ID such as mdmdb1 with a restricted shell. This user is not required to be a member of any of the DB2 groups.
    • You can also do a simple installation by using a single ID for both the DB2 installation ID and the schema ID. The default ID is db2inst1. For more information, see your DB2 documentation.
Ensure that the following software prerequisites are installed and configured before installing InfoSphere MDM:
  • WebSphere® Application Server
  • IBM Java™ SDK 1.8.0
  • One of the following databases: IBM DB2, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 64 bit (for development environment installations only)

In addition to these general prerequisites, there are other specific prerequisite tasks for installing InfoSphere MDM. These tasks are outlined in the following topics.