Troubleshooting the InfoSphere MDM application

In the WebSphere® Application Server Integrated Solutions Console (admin console), an InfoSphere® MDM installation includes resources in three Application Types: enterprise applications, business-level applications, and assets.

Enterprise application

The InfoSphere MDM enterprise application includes the following resources:

  • MDM-native - the main InfoSphere MDM platform and core resources.
  • MDM-web-services-virtual - the virtual MDM web services.
  • MDM-web-services - the physical MDM web services.
  • MDM-old-web-services - legacy support for the legacy physical MDM web services.

Business-level applications

If the InfoSphere MDM deployment includes user interfaces, then each user interface has a corresponding business-level application. Depending on the specifics of your implementation, the business-level application resources are shown in the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console. Enterprise applications are also included in the business-level application list, as follows:

  • MDM-native
  • MDM-old-web-services
  • MDM-operational-server-EBA
  • MDM-web-services
  • MDM-web-services-virtual
  • ba-App
  • enterpriseviewer
  • inspector
  • webreports

For any successful InfoSphere MDM deployment, all of the installed applications must be in the deployed and running state.


An InfoSphere MDM deployment includes the following assets:


Last updated: 8 Mar 2019