Setting Workbench server definitions

Within the InfoSphere® MDM Workbench, configure parameters for your WebSphere® Application Server to ensure that your installation runs smoothly.

About this task

Set certain parameters within MDM Workbench to reflect the underlying function of the application and its configuration.

Begin by choosing the option to Run server with resources on Server. This option installs and copies the full application and its server-specific configuration from the Workbench into the directories of the server. This option reflects the way that the application and configuration are deployed to the production environment. In particular, a CBA is physically built, packaged, and deployed in the internal bundle repository of the WebSphere Application Server.

Second, choose the option to Never publish automatically. If you do not choose this option, a time-consuming publishing operation occurs every time a simple change occurs in the workspace.

Third, unchecking the option to Start server with a generated script allows MDM logging to occur without issues.


  1. In the Servers view, double-click your WebSphere Application Server to open the server editor.
  2. On the Publishing settings for WebSphere Application Server page, navigate to the Modify the publishing settings list.
  3. Choose the option for Run server with resources on Server.
  4. On the Publishing page, navigate to the Modify settings for publishing list.
  5. Choose the option for Never publish automatically.
  6. On the Overview page, navigate to the Optimize server start for development list.
  7. Uncheck the check box for Start server with a generated script.
  8. Type Ctrl+S to save the server configuration settings.
  9. Close the editor.
  10. Start the server:
    1. In the Servers view, right-click the server.
    2. Select Start.