Installing Enterprise Viewer

Use this procedure to install InfoSphere® MDM Enterprise Viewer. This web application is used to search for and view member records in a virtual MDM configuration.

Before you begin

Make sure that you meet these prerequisites:
  • Your environment meets the hardware and software requirements for this component.
  • You completed the IBM® Installation Manager preparation steps.
  • You reviewed and completed the MDM user applications installation worksheet.
  • You have IBM WebSphere® Application Server installed and running.

About this task

You have two options available for installing a user application: install a new deployment using IBM Installation Manager or modify an existing deployment using a madconfig script. The install option assumes that you are installing the application on a clean server or workstation. That means that the server or workstation does not have any InfoSphere MDM components that are already installed (for example the MDM operational server, database component, or another user application). If any InfoSphere MDM components are present on the machine on which you are installing the application, you must use the Modify_MDM madconfig target.



When you install Enterprise Viewer, IBM Installation Manager updates the ContextManager.prop file with the host name, port, and valid user name and password that you provided on the installation configuration panel and deploys the Enterprise Viewer EAR to the target application server. During deployment, the application server unpacks the EAR content into an installed apps directory.

Connect to Enterprise Viewer by opening a browser and using this URL: https://host:port/accessweb

Last updated: 13 Dec 2016