Graphical, console, or silent installation

You can install InfoSphere® MDM in graphical mode, console mode, or silent mode. Consider which installation method works best for your environment.

Graphical mode

If the computer on which you are running IBM® Installation Manager can render a graphical user interface, then graphical mode is the preferred option. IBM Installation Manager displays a series of wizard screens that walk you through the selection of features and basic parameter configuration. It then provides a summary of the options that you selected before starting the installation.

Console mode

If your computer cannot render a graphical user interface or if you would prefer to work in a text interface, then you might choose the console mode installation option. Console mode leverages IBM Installation Manager to provide a series of on-screen prompts that walk you through the selection of features and basic parameter configuration. Essentially, console mode installation is a text-based version of the graphical mode installation.

Silent mode

If you are planning identical installations on multiple computers, you might consider the silent option. A silent installation is started from a command line and uses a response file. This option does not require you to specify the installation options. Instead, the installation options are read from a response file. You can create a response file manually or by using the graphical installation wizard, or you can modify one of the provided sample response files. A response file can be created without installing any software or during an installation. The steps that are taken in the installation process and errors that are encountered are logged to a file.