Creating and setting a new MDM administrator user

Run the create_new_admin_user madconfig target to create and configure new MDM administrator user credentials to replace the default MDM administrator user, mdmadmin.

About this task

By default, an InfoSphere® MDM installation uses the mdmadmin user as the MDM administrator user ID. One situation in which you may need to change the MDM administrator user would be to integrate authentication from WebSphere® Application Server with an LDAP server. In this case, you must first create the necessary LDAP groups and then create the new user. Then, as discussed in this topic, you must switch the default administrator user (mdmadmin) to the new user that you created for LDAP.


  1. Navigate to the MDM_INSTALL_HOME/mds/scripts folder.
  2. Invoke the madconfig target create_new_admin_user:
    • On Microsoft Windows operating systems, use the following command:
      madconfig create_new_admin_user
    • On Linux® or UNIX based operating systems, use the following command:
      ./ create_new_admin_user
  3. Provide the values that the target prompts you to for:
    • The WebSphere Application Server profile administrator user name and password.
    • The user name and password of the new user you are creating.
    After you provide the necessary input, the create_new_admin_user madconfig target creates a user in the WebSphere Application Server profile, assigns the new user to the Administrator and Operator roles, and adds the new user to the mdm_admin group. The target also modifies the security role settings and maps the new user to the ServiceProvider and ServiceConsumer roles for the web services and business level applications that are part of your InfoSphere MDM instance.
  4. For the InfoSphere MDM user interface applications, the user names and passwords are stored in files within the WebSphere Application Server profile. You must manually modify these values to reflect the new MDM administrator user.