Configuring batch export

All configurable options must be reviewed and updated before you begin to use batch export. Set the options by copying the sample properties file and editing it to provide your deployment details.

About this task

Restriction: The batch export utility does not support the HTTPS protocol for server instances. The configuration assumes that the web service is using an HTTP connection.


  1. Copy the sample properties file from the InstallDir directory to your preferred runtime directory.
  2. Open the .properties file and edit the properties to match your installation.
  3. Save the properties file.
  4. If IBM® Java™ is not the first Java environment in the PATH variable, edit your InstallDir/ or InstallDir/RunBatchExport.bat file to specify the correct path to the IBM Java run time and the executable files for the BatchExport program.
  5. Edit InstallDir/ or InstallDir/RunBatchExport.batfile to specify the WAS_HOME variable by replacing <WAS_HOME> with the WebSphere® Application Server installation directory. Example: WAS_HOME=/usr/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer.