Configuring IBM WebSphere Application Server logging

Use this procedure to enable logging for the application server.


  1. Log on to the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server administrative console.
  2. From Troubleshooting, click Logs and Trace.
  3. Click server1, and then Change log detail levels.
  4. Click Runtime. Expand Components and Groups and then expand the All Components option.
  5. Change only the specific trace level for your web application by appending it to the existing default value. The default value is "*=info:" Here is an example of common trace levels at a broader scope.

    In the following example, webapp component name values can be "inspector", or "reports".

    com.initiatesystems.webapp component name>.*=finest:
    com.initiatesystems.web.webapp component name.*=finer:
    To set the levels at a fully qualified package trace level, the ".*" before the equal sign is not required, as shown in this Inspector example. For other web applications such as InfoSphere® MDM Web Reports, the trace package names might be different.

    Changes take effect immediately, so restarting the application is not required. The changes do not persist after you restart the application.

    To permanently save the changes, you must save the run time to the Configuration tab. Continue with the next step.

  6. Select the Save runtime changes to configurationoption.
  7. Click Apply and then save the configuration.
  8. Go back to Troubleshooting and select Logs and Trace.
  9. Click server1, and then select Change Log Detail Levels.
  10. Go to the Configuration tab and verify that the runtime changes are being added.

Last updated: 13 Dec 2016