InfoSphere MDM Workbench

InfoSphere® MDM Workbench, is a comprehensive application that you use for configuration, management, and development.

InfoSphere MDM Workbench is an Eclipse-based application that offers a number of perspectives from which to configure and manage your environment. For example:

  • Use the Configuration perspective to manage the virtual MDM dictionary data and to design and edit algorithms. From this perspective, you can define your member and entity types, sources, applications, attributes, task threshold levels, relationship rules, algorithms, composite views, and operational server callouts. Job sets are used to run operations like member comparisons or a selection of operational server utilities.
  • Use the Analytics perspective to analyze various aspects of your configuration and evaluate it for errors or potential performance problems. Analysis categories consist of data, entities, buckets, and linkages.
  • Use the Mapping perspective to create and edit data flows.