Data access

Data stored in the InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition repository can be accessed through several product interfaces.

The following InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition product interfaces are designed to enable data access. Some interfaces provide access through a remote connection, while others exist to provide access through a local connection.
  • Web services (remote)
  • RESTful API (remote)
  • Web user interfaces (remote) - Business Users, Administrators

These interfaces are designed to allow for real-time integration directly with other systems and business processes (web services, APIs) or give users access to business users and administration staff. All access is controlled through InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition's security facilities.

More on InfoSphere MDM Security, see Security.

Authentication of users is typically handled externally through integration with an LDAP compatible Directory Services. Once authenticated, the user authority can be established and, through InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition security, the user has only the granted levels of access and rights. For more information about LDAP integration, see LDAP integration.

InfoSphere MDM provides optional logging and history management functionality. For more information about event logging and history management, see Event loggin and history manager.

If you are using these functions, give due consideration to securing the associated history and log files. InfoSphere MDM security can be applied to these files in the InfoSphere MDM environment. If these files are used outside of the InfoSphere MDM environment, such as for data replication purposes, further security measures may need to be taken.

Additional considerations

Development Users and Troubleshooting
During the development stage, developers, data engineers and other staff will be working with an instance of InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition. This is to create the MDM CE solution that addresses the specific use cases that your organization was, or is, implementing. For this the development users will need test data that is representative of the real world data to be effective. Care should be given to the creation of the test data; there should be no data that is, or may be reconstituted to be, actual client data. Similarly, care should be given to the data access and use when the development assist in the resolution of problems with the production environment.
InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition Administrators may have special right to access different parts of the InfoSphere MDM CE solution and potentially have access to personal data. Thus this role requires that it is granted only to select individuals. Further the InfoSphere MDM Security should be used to prevent the administrator for specific tasks that fall outside of his/her needs.
User roles
For a full list of InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition user roles, see Roles and tasks.