Specifying configuration parameters for InfoSphere MDM and IBM Stewardship Center with a connected Process Server

You must provide information about the InfoSphere® MDM and IBM® Business Process Manager configurations.

Before you begin

The following steps assume that you already installed and configured InfoSphere MDM and IBM Business Automation Workflow, which includes IBM Business Process Manager.

Ensure that the STEWARDSHIP_CENTER_INSTALL_HOME/mdmg/ directory is on the computer where IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) is installed. If necessary, copy the directory to the IBM BPM computer.


  1. In the STEWARDSHIP_CENTER_INSTALL_HOME/mdmg/ directory, navigate to the /install/properties/ directory.
  2. Edit the MDMBPMIntegration.properties file.
    The file contains an explanation for each property that is required. Specify the information about the InfoSphere MDM and IBM Business Process Manager server names, port numbers, and so forth.

    Configure those properties that have the prefix bpm with Process Center environment details, and configure those properties with the prefix PS_bpm with the Process Server environment details. Populate the connectedServerName parameter with the server name shown in the Process Center console for the connected Process Server.

    Port parameters Value to assign Instance
    PS_bpmWASBootstrapPortNum BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS Process server IBM BPM instance
    PS_bpmEndPointPort SIB_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS Process server IBM BPM instance
    PS_bpmSOAPPortNum SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Process server IBM BPM instance
    PS_bpmDmgrSOAPPortNum SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Process server IBM BPM instance
    mdmWASWCDefaultPortNum WC_defaulthost_secure InfoSphere MDM instance
    mdmWASSOAPPortNum SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS InfoSphere MDM instance
    bpmSOAPPortNum SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Process center IBM BPM instance
  3. Navigate to the install/scripts/ directory.
  4. Edit the InstallGovernanceApplication.env file.
  5. For the WAS_PROFILE_DIR parameter, specify the path to the IBM WebSphere® Application Server profile directory.
    If the installation script is run from the system that hosts BPM server, the parameter points to the BPM server profile directory. For example: C:\IBM\BPMv8.5\profiles\Node1Profile.