Product configuration considerations for GDPR readiness

This section provides considerations for configuring InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop to help your organization with GDPR readiness.

Configuration to support data handling requirements

The GDPR legislation requires that personal data is strictly controlled and that the integrity of the data is maintained. This requires the data to be secured against loss through system failure and also through unauthorized access or via theft of computer equipment or storage media.

For access control and management of the login credentials related to Big Match users (such as user names and passwords of users, which are also subject to GDPR control), implement Big Match with LDAP or similar GDPR sanctioned security infrastucture.

LDAP (or your chosen alternative) supports the management of user credentials and securing the access to the Big Match Console and API, IBM Publisher User Interface and API, and IBM Entity Insight User Interface and API. The APIs verify authentication as they are accessed. Enable LDAP client authentication to ensure that only authorized users access the Big Match user interfaces. For information about WebSphere Liberty LDAP integration, see the associated IBM WebSphere Liberty documentation.

Users should access Big Match through SSL enabled ports. For Big Match web user interfaces, HTTPS port is configured at the time of installation. Check with your administrator if you do not know this port.

Big Match Console, IBM Entity Insight, and IBM Publisher users and application security are configured in the same way.

For detailed information on configuring Big Match security, including how to configure Big Match to use LDAP, see the Big Match documentation about configuring web application security.