Rolling back a Helm chart to a previous spec

If you have upgraded a Helm chart but later realize that there is an issue with the new version, you can roll back to a previous version of the chart.

About this task

When you roll back a Helm chart, you must provide the release name and revision number of the chart that you wish to reinstate. For every upgrade or rollback that is completed on a given chart, the revision number is incremented. For example, if you are starting with version 1 and perform an upgrade, then the new revision number is 2. If you then perform a rollback to revision 1, the rolled back version is a duplicate of version 1, but is known as revision number 3.

Tip: You can check the release history of a given Helm chart using the following command:
helm history <chart-name>


Run the following command to roll back to a previous version of the given chart:
helm rollback <release-name> <revision-number>
For example, to roll back the Helm chart named deployed-mdm to version 1, run the following command:
helm rollback deployed-mdm 1
Helm will display a message to let you know whether the rollback was successful.