Generating weights

About this task

Before generating the weights, verify that all significant anonymous data has been identified and that the mpi_stranon table is populated.


  1. In InfoSphere® MDM Workbench, create a new job set by clicking Create a new job set button on the toolbar. For details on creating and running a job set, refer to Jobs and job sets.
  2. Expand the Configuration section and add the Generate Weights job. Click OK.
  3. Select the desired Entity Type.
  4. On the Steps tab, select the weight generation step you want to begin with. You can begin at any point in the process (see the step descriptions in Generate Weights process step descriptions). You can also indicate whether you want to run only that step or continue through the remaining steps of the process.
  5. Use the check box to indicate whether you want to Execute all remaining steps through the end of the process. Usually this is enabled so that each step in the process is performed in order.
  6. Set the remaining properties on the other tabs as needed.
    Note: Double check that the “Number of comparison bucket partitions” value on the Performance Tuning tab matches the corresponding property value selected in the utility that was used to generate the derived data. The default value may not be correct.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. If prompted, enter a valid user name and password. The job begins to run.
  9. After it has finished successfully, expand the Generate Weights job in the Jobs view.
  10. Right-click the first “child” entry and select Get job results. This returns all of the weight tables.
  11. Continue with Setting clerical review and autolink thresholds.