Enabling frequency based bucketing

Frequency based bucketing counts the number of members in each bucket, and then determines the buckets that exceed the maximum bucket frequency number.

About this task

Use this procedure to enable frequency based bucketing on a particular bucketing group. You must be in the Configuration perspective.

Note: If your deployment uses synchronous entity management, then dynamic frequency based bucketing (DFBB) is not possible. For more information about synchronous and asynchronous entity management, see Entity managers.


  1. In the toolbar, select Advanced Interface from the Editor interface list.
  2. In the configuration editor, select the Algorithms view.
    1. Select the bucketing group.
    2. In the Properties view, set the Maximum bucket size property in the Properties view to a value greater than 0. If Maximum bucket size is greater than 0, Maximum attribute tokens must be greater than Minimum attribute tokens.
    3. Redeploy the algorithm to the InfoSphere® MDM instance.
  3. Generate your frequency files by running the Generate Frequency Stats (mpxfreq) utility. Set the Generate frequency tables for frequency-based bucketing option. The output of mpxfreq must be copied into the project from InfoSphere MDM through the Jobs view by running the Get job results action on the successful Generate Frequency Stats (mpxfreq) job.
  4. Deploy the configuration to the InfoSphere MDM instance.


Remember to regenerate derived data before continuing with weight generation.