Data pool

A data pool is a centralized repository of data where trading partners (retailers, distributors, or suppliers) can obtain, maintain, and exchange information about products in a standard format. Suppliers can upload data to a data pool, which retailers receive through their data pool.

Data pools store trade items that contain key attributes, such as the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), in standardized formats that allow trading partners to easily synchronize their data.

InfoSphere® Master Data Management Collaboration Server - Collaborative Edition supports these data pool services:
  • Demand Side Global Data Synchronization supports SA2 WorldSync, with the GDSN 2.7 XML schema
  • Supply Side Global Data Synchronization supports 1SYNC, with the 1SYNC 6.6 XML schema
These data pool services enable trading partners to perform demand side and supply side data synchronization. For more information about the GDSN standard or the supported data pool services, see the following websites: