PXNM (comparison function)

The PXNM function is used to compare personal names.

Like other XNM functions, PXNM uses cmpargs to specify the type of metaphone algorithm to be used.

PXNM works in the same way as QXNM, but does not use a maximum weight parameter. If the words are in the same place in both comparison strings, the weight is bumped up by a factor of 20. If they are off by one position, it is bumped up by 10. If not, the weight is retained as is. The name weight is then the sum of the individual weight token comparisons. While QXNM uses a configurable position bonus in mpi_wgtsval, the values of 20 and 10 are hard-coded for PXNM.

Another difference is that PXNM does not check for edit-distance matches.

If there are any suffixes, they are compared in the same manner as in QXNM and the corresponding weight is added to the previous weights to get the final weight.